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Fixtures 1-3 Empty Fixtures 1-3

Post  xX TUGGZ Xx (Admin) on Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:26 am

This fixtures can be played from Monday 19th January to Friday 23rd January. All 3 games must be completed and once completed post this games into the correct results forum with the score clearly shown for each team. Once both managers have posted the same result then that result will be put into the league. Thank you and good luck.
Also, Home team MUST host.

Any problems contact an admin.

Week 1

AC Milan V Chelsea

Ajax V Celtic

Aston Villa V Juventus

P.S.V V Benfica

R.Madrid V Tottenham

Lyon v B.Leverkusen

AS Roma V Sevilla

B.Munich V Schalke

Week 2

AC Milan V Ajax

A.Villa V B.Munich

Lyon V P.S.V

Chelsea V Benfica

Celtic V B.Leverkusen

Tottenham V Sevilla

Juventus V R.Madrid

Rangers V Schalke

Week 3

Tottenham V Benfica

AC Milan V Sevilla

Ajax V B.Leverkusen

A.Villa V P.S.V

B.Munich V Roma

Celtic V Lyon

Chelsea V Juventus

R.Madrid V Schalke
xX TUGGZ Xx (Admin)
xX TUGGZ Xx (Admin)

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