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Post  Admin (Jbozie) on Sun Jan 11, 2009 8:21 pm

Each team as a certain transfer bugdet which can be found on the team stats page.

Regarding transfers. There will be an open discussion box that will be available for all managers to discuss possible transfers and negotiations. From there when a deal is agreed both managers will need to confirm the player(s) and the money from each club clearly stating both clubs involved and which player(s) are transfering to what team. And both players will need to comment "Deal". After this an Admin will overlook this transfer to make sure that the clubs involved have sufficient funds and that the player is available for transfer. I.E hasn't already been sold. Once the Admin confirms the deal as gone through it is then official the transfer has been made and both managers can then trade there players on Fifa by going to "Manage Teams" > "Transfers" > "Club Transfers" then from here choose the club that the player is leaving from and then place them in the correct team. Once a player has traded they are not allowed to be sold again until the following season so choose wisely. Also if a team is caught without a legit player I.E Ronaldo playing for West Ham when Man Utd have not sold him then there will be severe punishment which could result in a ban from the site. A main part of this transfer scheme on this website is to keep the money realistic so no stupid transfers please, for example 30 mil for a player like Aaron Lennon is too much and a Admin could step in unless more than 1 club were in pursuit of the player.

Remember once the deal has been confirmed there is no going back. Good luck and happy scouting.
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