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Post  Admin (Jbozie) on Thu Jan 15, 2009 5:05 pm


Just a brief bit of information on how the 2 leagues will work with promotional system and prize money. Firstly the bottom 3 teams from division 1 will be automatically relegated into division 2. The top 2 teams from division 2 will automatically be promoted into division one leaving 3rd 4th 5th and 6th place fighting in a play off tournament and the winner taking the 3rd promotion spot. Prize money. Money will be the same for both divisions so the winners of each devision will recieve 40 million. Second place will recieve 35 million and 3rd will recieve 30 million. 4th will recieve 25 million and then from 5th prize money will be 20 million and from then on it will go down 1 million for every place: (below is more info)
6th 19
7th 18
8th 17
9th 16
10th 15
11th 14
12th 13
13th 12
14th 11
15th 10
16th 9
17th 8
18th 7
19th 6
20th 5

There will also be cups for division 1 only. A cup for division 2 only. A cup for all teams in both divisions. And a cup for top 4 teams from each league in a special cup. There will be prize money for each of these cups but will be sorted out in a later date. The first 2 fixtures of the season will also be up soon and games will start this monday. Thanks for reading this and pass this message on to everyone on this site to read this. Thanks Admins!
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